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Career Counseling

Career Counseling


High school Career Counseling

Identifying and building on a set career path doesn’t happen the same way to everyone. However, allowing your Jamb score determine your future is an irresponsible way to choose your future. It’s a gamble you want to take with more than average certainty knowing what chips you hold and what challenges to prepare for. 3AG may be consulted to speak to a group of students or may be contracted for personal career guidance.

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Graduate Counseling

So, you have been offered a place to study in one of many universities both locally and internationally. Over the years it has become clear that your first degree course does not have to fix your career path as you can be flexible as you grow into your passions. However, understanding the different paths you may be leaning towards and making a decision may take a little more than gut instinct. Why not speak with a counselor to understand how your career path may be made clearer.

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