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Getting the right person for the job is no doubt a big hurdle crossed. However the job is never done in a world where processes change at alarming rates and competition demands more from organisations. To stay at the top of the pack requires regular trainings and improvements. We will speak your culture while we train your staff to speak clients ‘culture. We offer Bespoke trainings as well as regular trainings at our offices. Take advantage of the trainings available this year



Workforce Trainings

  • Employability skills training

Module One: Getting the Job 

  • Personal preferences/interests
  • Skills Assessment
  • Researching jobs
  • Resume development
  • Interviewing techniques


Module Two: Office Ethics

Dependability/: Power of a Positive Attitude

The impact of tardiness/absenteeism on efficiency and profitability

Review attendance policies from several local businesses

Complete a “Dependability Quiz” which presents a variety of real-life situations that affect attendance and tardiness

Develop a personal plan for emergency situations that may affect attendance at work/class

Understand self-esteem, attitude, self-confidence, assertiveness and how they relate to job success

Identify personal strengths and positive qualities

Examine the consequences of poor attitude

Participate in exercises/role play scenarios from the workplace that focus on positive attitude


Module 3: Office Ethics: Team Work

Working as an individual and as a team member

Understanding and working with diverse individuals and groups

Applying knowledge of personal roles within a team

Identifying and utilising the skills of other team members as a team leader

Giving Feedback: Within the team and to your line manager Report writing skills


Module 4: Problem Solving


Developing practical and creative solutions to workplace challenges

Identifying not so obvious opportunities

Portraying independence and initiative (without being a know it all) in identifying challenges

Strategies to problem solving

Understanding the place of assumptions and context in dealing with workplace challenges.

Resolving customer concerns as it relates to workplace responsibilities.


Module 5: Emotional Intelligence 

Understanding EI

Understanding and identifying our emotions and guiding them to lead our actions


The place of EI in the workplace

EI and work life balance



Module 6: Self management.


Putting your ideas and vision into words.

Understanding the place of your vision and ideas as it relates with your organisations ideas and vision

Self-monitoring and evaluation

Taking responsibility for personal and team actions

Understanding the bottom line



  • Job Specific Trainings

Customer care training


Basic Accounting Processes and software training


Payroll Management for SME’s



Early Management Training


Sales and Marketing Training